• Kohpy Ventures

    Derisking technology ventures

    we help manage risk at early stage M&A, fundraising and innovation projects, on both sides

    Hong Kong • The Hague

  • Kohpy Ventures


    We help in M&A, fundraising and innovation projects in the technology space.

    Mostly for founders and CEO's, but we have found ourselves also on the other side of the table, advising investors or acquirers.


    Technology ventures are very dynamic, they require time and attention. We have a long history of helping and investing in technology ventures. We know what makes them, breaks them and makes them go.

    unique chance

    We got some special requests from founders to help them create a better pitch deck, so we put together a workshop in HK to help out.

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  • People

    It's people, people!

    Jeffrey Broer

    Managing Director

    An entrepreneur for life, Jeffrey Broer has 11 businesses created over his lifetime. With vast experiences in creation, management, growing and passing the business to the next natural owner, his expertise in the field of company is unparalleled.

    Peter Dijkxhoorn

    Venture Partner

    Peter is our retail and e-commerce expert, he has over two decades of entrepreneurial experience. He's also an accomplished expert in retail financials and human resource challenges. Peter is also our European first point of contact from The Hague, NL

    Advisory board

    We are not alone

    We established an advisory board with industry experts that help us in deal flow, give feedback on proposed opportunities, review ventures, help with due diligence. Currently we have 2 advisory board members.